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an ever expanding state of exploration, curiosity and wonder

Tantra comes from ancient roots in Tibet and India. The teachings, at first oral and later written in the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, are techniques to become more attuned to the experience of living as a human being .

I do NOT offer any type of massage


Using the body and the senses as a gateway, ancient tantric practitioners recognized that by entering fully into the experience of being alive they could access states of happiness and connection that felt blissful. They interpreted these states as experiencing their Divine Essence. 

This was a time when scientific enquiry and spiritual enquiry were considered the same thing. The techniques are practical and most likely were developed through experimentation and bringing awareness to the effects, this would have been refined over time into specific practices. As to the nature of the spiritual effect of the practices, this was seen as unique to each practitioner, so while there are instructions about the practices, there is no specific goal to achieve, simply to be in an ever expanding state of exploration, curiosity and wonder.

NB. This is a very brief outline, Tantra covers a broad spectrum and has branched into many different strands as people resonated with certain aspects and developed those. I offer this as an insight into the way I work with Tantra.


The yabyum image depicts the sacred union of the masculine and feminine within each of us. 

Fiona talks about Tantra

on Tubridy Radio 2fm

                                              14th feb 2014


Talking to the lovely Henry McKean

about the very first Bliss Festival


Tantra emphasizes all aspects of life equally, and is remarkable in terms of spirituality, in that it celebrates sexuality as a key part of the spiritual journey.

The Tantric philosophy proposes that life energy and sexual energy are one and the same thing, the energy that gave you life, the energy that can propel your dna into the unimaginable future. Tantra expands from the narrow concept of sex as penetration. Imagine every word you speak, every touch, every look, to be an invitation to intimacy, to loving. The personal journey is about bringing awareness to how we hold ourselves in relationship, how we can stay in solid connection with our own core as we reach towards another person.


Many Tantric practices are very effective in our present day lives. Though coming from ancient roots the exercises are practical and effective in enhancing relationships. I combine Tantra with couples psychotherapy and psychology to create a contemporary approach. I explain how an exercise works, for example, to increase safety and trust in a couple, or expand your capacity for pleasure. I don't predict or presume that there will be a spiritual aspect to this for you, that is your adventure. The practices simply open a window to new ways of experiencing the world, it's for each individual to place meaning on those experiences.

The Symbol of the Lotus flower depicts the concept of ever emerging consciousness. The presence of the lovers in the Lotus evokes the Tantric idea that through conscious relating we can move through bliss into connection with our divine essence.

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All sessions that include Tantra are conducted clothed. There is no intimate touch during the sessions. You will be given clear directions for each technique so you can enjoy the experience in the privacy and comfort of your own home. 

The sessions are confidential and your privacy is a priority. 

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