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I prioritize confidentiality and privacy so many of the Testimonials are anonymous. I post them as it can be so reassuring to get a flavour of other peoples experience of working with me

"Fiona & Edwin The first ever workshop at your beautiful home was fantastic. Your facilitation of the group

was brilliant. You made me feel so welcome and relaxed. The programme was very gentle but powerful...

effects already happening!! Its amazing how beautiful the whole group were and what we learned

from one another"  Dee  “Very safe slow accepting space created – and it felt that

it was ok to be vulnerable and unsure” Anon “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I cannot find words to express how I feel! Wow! Nourished, fulfilled, accepted

and then some.” Anon  ​​“I felt very safe and supported all day” anon

“It has helped me get in touch with my feminine goddess energy” anon

“Massive impact–It has given me belief in myself as a woman”

Anon     “It was wonderful to reconnect with myself” Liz Sherry

“Marvelous sacred space, boundaried fun and free” K.M. Manager, Health Service.

“The circle felt so safe and sacred. I was quite scared once the day began because

of having quite traumatic experiences in my past, but I couldn’t have felt more
safe or accepted. Thank you!” Anon  
“It was an amazing course. Food and facilities

were great” Anon  "I felt nurtured and well looked after”  Jeanie    “Thank you Deb and

Fiona you are giving a wonderful Tantric Orgasm for Women!! I am truly grateful!!" Anon

My favourite thing about the workshop: “the opportunity to share things with other women

and feel that I’m not alone” Anon  “The workshop felt very safe and non-preachy!!” Liz Sherry   “the knowledge to integrate mind body and spirit and honour my divine presence in my love life” K.M. Manager, Health Service.

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