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Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy holds a hopeful sense of humanity,

emphasizing your uniqueness, positive qualities, and individual potential.

These are areas we can work on together:​​

​Self-esteem, Depression, Relationship problems, Sexuality, Intimacy, Communication Skills,

Stress Management, Loss of Direction, Bereavement & Loss, Anxiety, Assertiveness, Abuse, 

Self-Confidence, Work Related Issues, Search for Meaning & Purpose in Life


We work together in a gentle and compassionate way to make changes towards a greater experience of fulfillment in your life

You can choose to focus on specific challenges that you are facing, or enter a process to understand the patterns in your way of being,  helping you to make choices about what behaviours and responses are really serving you on your life's path.

Together we take account of the events and experiences that have shaped your sense of the world until now, and we emphasise your intrinsic ability to develop and realise your true nature.

I integrate a range of psychotherapeutic techniques tailored to your needs to access your inner wisdom, recognising that you are the expert in your own life.

We acknowledge the strong influence upbringing and society have on your way of understanding and responding to present day events and we work to unravel those influences that are helpful to your sense of personal competence and self respect, from those beliefs and patterns that obstruct you from developing and realising the life you want to be living . 

The Humanistic ideology believes in the independent dignity and worth of individual human beings, in the value of what is uniquely you, and that we all have a Self-Actualizing Tendency:

"the desire to become more and more what one is,

                             to become everything that one is capable of becoming." -Maslow

My Psychotherapy Practice adheres to the IACP codes of ethics and good practice

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in relation to your therapy.

Sessions last 55 minutes and cost €80
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