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Sex & Menopause

Have you noticed a change in your libido

as you move towards, into and beyond menopause?

Human sexuality works like an ember. Where other mammals go 'On-heat' our sex has a low smoulder that can be ignited. From puberty we get an influx of hormones that can ignite that ember very easily and through the years of procreative potential those hormones are triggered fairly effortlessly. As the hormone tap gets turned down in menopause we need to learn a new way of interacting with our sexuality. The ember stays burning deep within, but now we need to tend it consciously to get the fires of passion burning brightly.

Rediscovering your sexuality as you approach, experience and emerge from menopause


PHYSICAL: Learn about the physiology of women's changing bodies and get practical exercises and techniques designed to re-ignite libido.                            


EMOTIONAL: Learn how your unconscious thoughts about sex and your perception of yourself as a mature woman, affect your desire for sex. AND what to do about it!      


LIFESTYLE: You don't need me to tell you that you're busy! This seminar will give you some great techniques that will have you really wanting to get sex back up there on the agenda.


RELATIONSHIP: As relationships continue that initial hunger for each-other mellows and we can gradually slip out of the habit of sex. This can lead to a coolness in your relationship, or a feeling that a vibrant aspect of yourself has been lost.

We explore ways of firing up the embers of passion either in relationship or in attracting relationship.                                                       

There are four main challenges that can affect women's sexuality
This seminar offers clear and concise information and solutions
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Private one-to-one appointment:

Seminars and workshops aren't for everyone.You may feel more comfortable doing a private session.

You can contact me by phone 0862340635 or email click here, to arrange an appointment

A session lasts 60 minutes and cost €80

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