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In this series of five 60 minute sessions  you will learn about the Tantric approach to sexuality and pleasure. Part of the work is deprogramming expectations of what orgasm is. We have learned to localize sexual sensation to our genitals. This is part of a pattern of compartmentalizing our sexuality,

Many cultures have inherited hidden shame around sexual feelings causing us to overlook and suppress our awareness of the pleasure available to us.



In your sex education how much did you learn about pleasure? Look at the things in your life that you have expertise in, does your knowledge of your own ecstatic potential match that?

We learn so much about how to be and function successfully in the world but our knowledge of the pleasure available to us in our own bodies is a hit-and-miss affair.

Five sessions devoted to Discovering your Unique Ecstatic Self

Often women doing this series remark that it feels more like an awakened memory than a new experience, they have a sense that they always knew these feelings in their bodies but had forgotten they were there. Learn exercises to enliven genital energy and breathing techniques that circulate orgasmic sensations around the whole body. Discover ways to expand every nuance of pleasure available to you and techniques to revitalise your sexuality

​I asked women how this work impacted their lives, and this is what one woman said:  

"Better sex life and so a closer relationship with hubby, he loves the new me. Greater love for my feminine beauty, greater flow of energy so my confidence has increased, Got my body back." Anon                        more Testimonials...

Cost: €80 per session

Contact Fiona on 086 234 0635 or email

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