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  The Women's Room

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This is a deep space for women to explore and move through the blocks to creating satisfying relationships.
It requires a commitment for seven evenings to enter this depth of work with other women.
When a group gathers, an alchemy evolves, the combining of each woman’s life experience creates a powerful healing energy for the whole group.
This is not a toe-in-the-water experience, but a conscious journey into your essence as a sexual and
loving being, and a repatterning of how you express that and let it nourish you in the world. 
Using transformative techniques from psychotherapy and tantra we explore and nurture a positive and expansive attitude to and experience of ourselves as sexual beings. We examine the influence, on our present relating, of past experience and the attitudes we imbibed from our family and cultural background. We learn to create conscious, rather than reactive boundaries.
We look at our relationships with love partners, past and current, acknowledging the wounding of the past and moving to create and invite a new dynamic in the present.                                                Facilitated by Fiona


The Tantric tradition teaches that women access their sexuality through the heart, while men access their heart through their sexuality, a curious conundrum! However, when entered consciously this union is sublime. The corollary is that when women are heart-broken the access to sex is closed off, the heart needs to heal before we can open again to relationship.  When our hearts feel closed, even when we are in relationship, it can be really hard to be sexual. Sex is like the canary in the coalmine for women, when we are just going through the motions, or have shut down completely from sex, the heart is calling for attention. 


You may be in a loving relationship but sex has stopped

anyway, this is often about a deep seated attitude to yourself

as a sexual being, a part of your heart can’t love you when you

are sexual. This can come from sexual abuse, but also, more subtly, from attitudes of shame absorbed in childhood and early adolescence. In the beginning of relationship the urge of attraction can over-ride these deep conditionings but as ease and familiarity ensue they start to look for attention. This can be expressed in a slow decline of sexual intimacy.

  The Wounded Heart

  The Wounded Sex

  The Work

Contact Fiona on 086 234 0635 or email

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