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Soul Gazing Exercise

Designed to deepen intimacy & enliven feelings of love

Soul Gazing Exercise

                                                            (Set a gentle sounding alarm for 10 mins.                                                                                  Turn off all phones, doorbells etc.)




Sit opposite each other,  close enough  to really see the other person’s eyes.

Now, close your eyes and connect in with yourself. Feel the weight of your body on the chair. Notice your breath, invite your breath deep into your belly. Breathe through your mouth, (at least the out-breath).

After a few moments of settling open your eyes, and with a soft receptive gaze allow yourself to be seen by your partner.

Keep breathing, allow emotions to come and go, try not to enter a story about them, just notice.  From time to time scan your body and invite any areas of tension to relax a little.

When the alarm sounds close your eyes and reconnect with yourself.  Breathe, feel the weight of your body on the chair, your feet on the ground. Give yourself some silent words of appreciation for entering this process. Then slowly open your eyes.

Thank your partner.

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