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From Longing to Belonging

A weekend workshop, 13th & 14th of February


Longing is a viscerally creative space, the ache of what is absent is answered

by simple and specific yearnings. On the surface they may speak as solutions,

“If you would just... If we only had... If I could...”

But when we drop below the mind’s attempts to alleviate the suffering of it,

the voice of longing becomes plaintive and clear,

"I just want to be held"

"I want to be seen"

"I want to be loved"

"I need to belong"

These are the infant cries of the human mammal, and in meeting these needs we are

enabled to become the fullness of who we are.

In this workshop we use Tantric and Psychotherapeutic technique to work with longing

in a way that anchors us within ourselves, that opens us to relationship and nourishes our evolving, unique self within and through relating.


Suitable for you, whether you are an individual, a couple attending together or one of a couple wanting to bring this work back to your relationship.


Coming from a Tantric tradition, my focus has been on desire rather than longing.

   I understand desire as a place of fullness from which we refine that which       

       nourishes and enhances our human experience.

           Longing seems like desire's hungry cousin, gnawing at our gut.

                To me it felt painful, lacking, a deep chasm of emptiness.

                   Yet in my work with couples I come across longing again and again.

                     As I listen to all the versions of longing something

                      has started to change in my understanding of it.

                       I have come to recognise in longing a deep

                        soul’s yearning that resides in emptiness.

                        At the heart of it is the ache to belong...

Venue: The Lantern Centre. Dublin

 Dates: 13th & 14th February.

Cost: €175 per person.

Please fill in and send the form at the bottom of the page.


ENQUIRIES: Click to get in touch and get your discount code


Facilitated by Fiona Daly and  Fergus Cronin


Special 20% Discount (€140)

Extended to February 10th

Gift Card available

I am really excited to be collaborating with Fergus Cronin, Relationship Counsellor and Tantra Teacher.


Fergus and I have been presenting workshops in Tantra and Intimacy & Boundaries at the Earthsong Camps. This is the first time that we will present the work we have hatched there to the wider world.


Fergus and Fiona succeed in creating a safe, comfortable space every time. They are very enthusiastic about what they do, they are light-hearted, and they work very well together.

As a couple, we enjoyed and greatly benefited from participating in a series of their tantra workshops. "Yes" and "Please" have become a staple of our communication repertoire (we don't use "No" much!).

We are looking forward to going to more of their workshops in the future. - Brian and Naomi

"What a great and alternative way to spend a weekend together as a couple !  Our time exploring  our relationship was both exciting and challenging. Fiona was a marvellous and stimulating facilitator on our first journey into the world of Tantra. We felt safe, nurtured and respected at all times and yet we were expertly encouraged to stretch and grow as partners in intimacy. The meditation exercises were fun to do and while some felt just  "a little bit out there "  Fiona was a discrete and reassuring presence throughout. If you are the adventurous type, willing to experience new ways to be together , just go for it !!                                 Liz & Dave


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