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                                    “I am inspired by this phrase from Mary Oliver: 

      “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” 

My desire in life is to facilitate the birthing of wild and precious lives at no-matter what age it happens."

Deb Davis Workshop Facilitator, Birth Doula, Cordon Bleu Chef and Mother, has been studying and practicing Tantra since 2001, participating in courses with Dawn Cartwright, Jewls Wingfield, and with Mahasatvaa Sarita, including the 3 year seven level Soul Mate training at the School of Awakening. She has been co-facilitating workshops with Fiona since 2004.  Deb is a qualified birth Doula with a focus on Orgasmic Birth and Gentle Birthing techniques. She is currently training in Somatic Studies, exploring the formative effects on the human being from pre-conception to standing.

Edwin Koolmoes has been immersed in the world of personal development and meditation for the last 25 years, starting to explore the world of active meditation, breath and movement practice at the age of 22. His life journey took him to the Island of la Gomera in 1997. There he deepened his awareness and presence through meditation and shamanic practice. He developed a program which facilitated encounters with wild dolphins and whales, and worked with people and Dolphins for the next seven years. His journey then took him to india where he completed the Osho Therapist Training and discovered Tantric Meditation Practices.  

Edwin and Fiona met in India, and together they completed a four year couples Tantra Training to support and deepen their relationship and went on to serve an apprenticeship to teach Tantra to couples. Edwin uses his expertise as a Holistic Massage and Reiki practitioner to help participants gain a more embodied experience of relationship, and his long experience of breathwork and active meditation techniques to support clients to generate energy and flow in the body.

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