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Handfasting Ceremony.
"it was a magical moment and your light and
energy made everything even more special
on the day. Thank you again so very much"


Create a Ceremony to celebrate and mark significant times in your life.
Each ceremony is custom made to express your vision. We meet and I listen to what it is you want to celebrate and what that means to you. From there we co-create a unique event taking care that every element is harmonious with your intent.
I draw on years of experience in the richly visual profession of film design combined with my expertise in group facilitation, theatre and ritual to create events of depth and beauty that speak to the heart and soul. We weave music, poetry, ritual and decor to create a happening that resonates uniquely with your vision of this important moment in life.
A Ceremony does not need to be complex and involved, it can take just a few well chosen elements to create a happening, a moment in time that will anchor the significance of the event in the memory of all those who are present.


It has been 8 months since we were married and each time we think back to that wonderful moment in time our hearts dance with warmth and gratitude.
We had a limited amount of time to prepare for our wedding ceremony and Fiona took us on a wonderful journey into the heart of our couple and created a beautiful, safe, sacred and loving ceremony for us.
Many of our guests had only previously experienced a religious wedding ceremony before and Fiona made everyone feel welcome and included.
When we walked into the room where our guests were and our ceremony was to be held we were overcome with the love and the welcome that greeted us and that was because Fiona made everyone feel so safe and held.


"Fiona has a huge heart, great focus and wonderful creativity.  She really listened to us and created a ceremony that was beyond what we ever dreamed possible.  If you wish to step into sacred union with your Beloved, Fiona will take you on a magical journey into deep, sacred and heart exploding love."
Catherine & Vincent McMahon

Email or phone to discuss your ideas 0862340635

Naming Ceremony

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